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Double Effect Cycle Vacuum Concentrator
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Equipment description

The concentrator is applicable for concentration of liquid materials for traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicines, glucose,starch,monosodium glutamate,dairy foods and chemical industry,especially ideal for low temperature vacuum concentration of heat sensitive substances. After carefully calculating and designing, compared with before, the equipment has more characteristics and benefits. You can choose the concentrators with technical parameters indicated according to the quantity of Materials for concentration.。

Feature & profit

1.Energy-saving profit: In case of SJN-1000, the saves respectively in the terms of vapor 、 water and electric per year are about 3500 tons 、 90000 tons and 80000 watt, equal to RMB 100,000-150,000 Yuan.
2.The device uses the modes of outer-heated natural cycle and vacuum negative pressure evaporation featuring swift evaporation with concentration proportion of 1.2-1.35(in case of normal China traditional immerse cream) without need of open-mouth pan for collection of cream.
3.The concentrator uses dual-effect to synchronously vapor, which to utmost extent utilize the second vapor. The client can lower investment in boiler and the energy consumption can be 50% less than that of the single-effect concentrator. It is about less than one year that the client can withdraw the investment in the concentrator.

4.Feature of multiple function handle:
(1)The rate of recovery of alcohol is high (up to 95%)
(2)The single-effect and dual-effect can time after time collects cream together.
(3)The intermittent and continuous material feeding is available.
5.The special structure of concentrator can bring the concentrated material thick taste and even cream quality. The concentration under the seal and non-bubble condition can prevent material loss and pollution. The present material can be concentrated presently, which features immune to block and convenient cleaning which can be make just by opening the up and down covers and can be make by one person.
6.The part inside the concentrator in contact with the material is made with stainless steel SUS304. The thermal layer made with polyurethane is available at the heater and evaporator. The surface is treated with sand grinding and surface polishing, meeting with the GMP standard.

7.1. System overview

There are about 50 control points in this project. The automatic control system adopts efficient and stable controller, high speed and safe industrial control network, accurate sensors and actuators, combined with powerful industrial control application software. The whole system is reasonable in design, advanced and reliable in technology, and can reach the leading level of domestic industry after commissioning. The control system monitors the parameters and operation status of the system in real time, and controls the loop automatically, so that the equipment can operate in a coordinated and stable manner. The control system can improve the production, quality and stability of the product, save energy, reduce the manual intervention, reduce the operator, and simplify the training of the operators, the induction cycle, and save the cost of production.

The control parameters in the system have good openness. The graphical interface of the system is vivid, intuitive, easy to monitor, easy to operate and friendly to human-computer interface, and has the functions of graphic configuration, trend curve, alarm record, data processing, report output and so on. It plays an important role in the process analysis of production.

The on-site inspection equipment and the implementation equipment are all imported, joint products and domestic famous brand products. The process equipment, the instrument on the pipe and the actuator are selected with many manufacturers and at least ten years of successful experience.

7.2. System overall configuration

The system has 1 servers and 1 on-site operator stations. The operator station uses the DELL commercial computer. The control system adopts SIEMENS SIMATIC DCS and SIEMENS configuration software.

7.3. System characteristics

(1)advanced technique

The control system selects the German SIEMENS company DCS system, which is the product of SIEMENS company in recent years. It has been used in many fields at home and abroad with mature and advanced technology.

(2)Simple operation

The centralized manual operation is used to operate the single equipment on the operating station. The centralized program control operation is automatic control operation. The host computer in the main control room can monitor and control the operation of the whole equipment.

(3)Easy to maintain

The modular structure is adopted in the control system. When a module fails, the new module can be replaced easily. The hardware maintenance of the whole system is simple and easy to operate. After training, the engineers can regularly maintain the software and adjust the process parameters.

(4)Powerful system function

The system control and data processing system accept the input signal of the process variables. According to the requirements of the configuration data, the input signals are processed, and the output signals are displayed and calculated, and the output signals are transmitted to the execution unit.

In the I/O signal processing, the system provides the functions of linearization, compensation, accumulation, square and alarm, and the system provides alarm and state change detection for the switch quantity.

The system can complete the automatic sequence of adjustment control, interlocking logic, soft manual operation, combined by standard algorithm or user program.

The control functions include various PID algorithms, standard calculation and basic control functions.

The interlocking control functions include Boolean logic for regulating control and trapezoidal logic for switching control. The sequential control function can perform startup and shutdown sequence, batch processing or any pre-defined procedure steps.

(5)Communication ability

The communication system can complete the information exchange between the stations of the whole control system. The signal collected by the control station is sent to the operation station to display and store, and the control instruction of the operation station is sent to the control station, and the output signal of the control station is sent to the terminal equipment.

(6)Combination of multiple work patterns

The system has many kinds of working modes, such as automatic, manual control, maintenance and manual operation.

(7)Custom functions and pictures

The system has both the operation picture and frame of the unified style of traditional Chinese medicine production control, and the special function for this project. The interface style has a unified style and unique requirements. It is strict, flexible, vivid, convenient and safe.

7.4.Control system scheme

The system sets 1 main stations, the main station CPU is connected to the control station through Profibus, and the PROFIBUS fieldbus is a successful open field bus, and the IEC61158/EN50175 international standard. PROFIBUS defines the technical and functional features of a serial field bus system, and can connect the lower layer of distributed automation devices to the performance range of the middle and high levels through PROFIBUS. Designed for communication between automated systems and distributed I/O stations and field devices, they are characterized by high anti-interference, full open and no fault repair.

7.5. Introduction of control system

7.5.1. System overview

The control system establishes a new process automation standard and has a unique open platform. It provides a unique and low-cost solution to the future for process control. The modern design and flexible structure of the control system include planning, engineering implementation, commissioning, training, operation and maintenance, as well as the large reduction and economic operation of the factory design costs in the future use cycle. The combination of control process control system and SIMATIC technology can meet the requirements of performance, reliability, convenience and safe operation very conveniently. As a fully integrated automation process control system, control provides the three functions of data storage, communication and configuration. Therefore, the control system is the standard platform for realizing the fully integrated automation of production enterprises, which supports the integration of all production processes into the whole enterprise environment. As a modern process control system, the control system constitutes a unified and coordinated whole system, ranging from the implementation of the project to the operation guarantee.

7.5.2. Hardware standardization

The control system uses the same standard SIMATIC components. The advantage is:
●Low hardware cost
●Tested quality and stability
●The system components are simple and can be quickly identified and selected.
●When the system is extended, spare parts supply time is short
●The necessary parts can be obtained all over the world.

7.5.3. Information network integration

SIEMENS has long paid attention to international industrial standards, such as Ethernet and TCP/IP OPC, to exchange data with the operation management layer, so that the control process control system is easily connected to the company level information network. Therefore, we can ensure that various applications can access process data at any time and anywhere within the company.

7.5.4. Field system integration

Control is especially suitable for integrating field systems into process control systems. Whether factories are equipped with traditional or intelligent field equipment or modern fieldbus based field equipment is insignificant for control systems.
●Extensibility, flexibility, and openness
●Distribution and centralization I/O
●Extend the scope of operation and monitoring from a single user startup system to a distributed multi-user system with client / server.
●The function and requirements of the factory can be matched with the functions and requirements of the factory by adding various software and hardware to expand the function of the operator station, which can reduce the cost significantly. The openness of the control system extends to all levels, including the programming and data transfer interfaces of the application, as well as the import and export of graphics, text and data, and import and export in the application.

7.5.5. Graphics Designer

Graphics for system device visualization and operation are designed by graphic designer. The operator station control software provides you with abundant resources.
●Standardized and patterned objects
●Buttons, check boxes, and sliders
●Application windows and display windows
●OLE objects, ActiveX controls
●I/O domain, text list
●Bar chart, state display and group display
●The appearance of a customizing user object graphical component is dynamically controlled by a configuration engineer. The dynamic control parameters of the schema, such as geometry, color, and style, can be controlled directly by the change of the operator station variable or by the program.

7.5.6. Open structure

The operator station control software absorbs the most advanced software technology in the operation and monitoring system, and is a product series of innovation and development, and represents the future development trend. Operator station control software integrates the latest Microsoft technologies, such as OCX or ActiveX, OLE and COM (DCOM), and the application of the ANSI-C standard programming language to integrate database and script generation. In addition to integrating the latest technology, the structure of operator station control software ensures absolute openness. The reason for this is due to the modular structure of the operator station control software and the protocol interface to each module.

7.5.7. Controller

In many areas of automation, the application of automatic systems that require fault tolerance and high reliability is increasing. Especially in the field of pharmaceuticals. High reliability SIMATIC industrial control products can fully meet these requirements. It can run continuously, even if some parts of the controller fail due to one or more faults, they will not be affected. Perform an extended self-examination. Including the following:

●CPU Template Manager /ASIC memory.
●Every fault detected is reported.
●Start self test; when each movement is repeated, each sub unit performs all testing functions in a completely way.
●Self checking during periodic operation: all self tests are allocated to several cycles. Each cycle only performs part of the self check to reduce the burden of the controller.

7.5.8Specific description of the control scheme

The material enters the one effect and two effect heater along the axis of the evaporator. After the negative pressure is formed through the steam, the one effect heater is heated and concentrated, and the specific gravity is detected through the circulation tube under the heater to reach the standard post ointment or to the storage tank of the concentrated liquid.

The lower part of the evaporator is equipped with a temperature sensor, which controls the steam intake by controlling the steam regulating valve through the remote signal. The material within the evaporator is lower than the low level sensor or higher than the high level sensor. The material intake valve is manually adjusted to keep the material level in the high and low level in the evaporator and finally reach the balance. The material level of the evaporator is stable, and the feed valve is maintained after continuous feed and discharge. When the liquid level is low, the pneumatic feed valve is opened. When the liquid level is high, the pneumatic feed valve is closed to form intermittent inlet / discharge.

After collecting the liquid level of the tank to the high liquid level, after the signal is detected, the liquid discharge pneumatic valve and the exhaust valve are opened, while the liquid drainage centrifugal pump starts, and the condensate in the tank is discharged. After collecting liquid level to the low level switch, shut off the centrifugal pump, then drain the pneumatic valve and the exhaust valve to close automatically.

Control the whole machine and make quotation according to process requirements and process flow chart with control points. Specific control points include the following (but not all, or increase or decrease).

●Feed control: automatic switch feeding;
●One effect heater: automatic steam switch, corner valve or steam proportional regulation control (corresponding to one effect evaporator temperature).
●One effect evaporator: vacuum, temperature, liquid level (high and low), foam and physical defoaming.
●Two effect evaporator: vacuum, temperature, liquid level (high and low), foam and physical defoaming.
●Intermittent concentration: two effect material automatically and anticipates one effect, carries on the later stage thickening, automatically passes through the density examination, the cleaning and the shutdown.
●Continuous concentration: one effect to two effect flow control, discharge can be equipped with rotor pump, mass and flow sensing (control of discharge proportion and flow).
●Condensate: automatic drainage can be linked with the liquid pump linkage control;
●All heating, evaporator, vapor-liquid separator and condenser CIP (hot water, lye, purified water) cleaning control;
●Circulating water, chilled water control, automatic startup and automatic shutdown control.
●All site with touch screen, can control multiple.


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