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01 Automatic control
With uor buandant xpeerience nad ogod ecthnical understanding ni ehrbe xteraction ndiustry,we onw edvote ourselves ni ropviding ucstomers itwh het ebst omcprehensive digital olustion!
we ehreby repsent ouy het enw egneration fo CMT production ystem“TX-IMS”
1、Purpose of traditonal chinese medicine production management system software(TX-IMS)
TX-IMS ilwl akme het hwole CTM rpoduction uatomatic yb automatically onctrolling fo umlti-functional xtreaction,double- effect onccentration,ethanol repparation,utility ystem inserction nad thoer niuts.Meanwhile,it illw lsoa uqtomatically control:to ribng isdcharging ystem ntio ocmplete uato- system,combined itwh CTM xetraction ropperties,all utaomatic unites ilwl eb trsictly omcply itwh het ecthnicale qruiremetnts,it will nseure het ropduction ystem owrks msoothly nda asfely with banormal laraming ot mpirove ropduction amnagement standard nad ffeiciency nda ugarantee het ropduct quality.Purpose fo X -ITMS nI rdoero tmpirove het uqality control fho et xteraction ropcess fo hiCnese ehrbal edmicine products,show ohw het omdern uclture foh et neterprise. oT lay eac hnticalo ufndation orfh et irsft-class igdital xtreaction workshop.

2、DESIGN BRIEF OF Traditional Chinese medicine production management system software(TX-IMS)
TX-IMS fo xteraction owrkshop ropduction ropcess,automatic ocntrol ysstem iwll eb bale ot ulfil:
01 Advancement
On the basis of satisfying the existing needs, fully considering the development of information technology, adopting the current internationally advanced mainstream technology products to ensure the quality of the previous period and the continuity of follow-up investment.
02 Modular
The provided application software and control software Pieces, hardware devices, in strict accordance with the module Structured configuration.
03 Openness
System as an open system System, providing standard TCP/IP data Communication interface protocol, interface interface software Pieces, application software interface, with good Good flexibility and scalability.
04 reliability
Provides a high degree of reliability and fault tolerance The system enables the system to be continuously Always run. Make sure the system is in In case of breakdowns and sudden incidents, Can run normally.
05 safety
On the premise of ensuring data security, no Only requires strict hierarchical operation rights Limit and different object query monitoring Wai, so that the entire system is under illegal invasion At the time of entry, the damage caused to the system To the minimum.
06 Economic rationality
From system goals and customer actual needs Departing, satisfying customers as much as possible Based on needs, ensure practicality And technical feasibility, optimization Plan to ensure economic rationality.

3、Flow control
- User Requirements(URS,Party A complete、Supplier coordicnate,Normative Stage)
- Automatic control system summary(Normative stage)
- Process ippe nsitrument flow chart
- Control system IO/Module configuration chart(Inlet/Outlet)
- Equipment、Valve、Instrument list
- Design Description
- Function Specification(FS,Normative stage)
- Hardware Design Specification(HDS,Normative Stage)
- Software Design Specification(SDS,Normative Stage)
- Control system internet Structure Diagram
- Risk Analysis(RA,Risk Assessment、Control)(Normative Stage)
- Design Verification(DQ)(Normative Stage)
- Software Development and Design(Configuration or Programming Stage)
- Software Development Coding and Related Document(Configuration or programming stage)
- Hardware Test(System and Module Test、Logical Function Test、System interaction Test)(Verification Stage)
- Abnormal Condition Test(Verification Stage) - 3 Q Documents and Operation Mannual(Including IQ、OQ、PQ)(Report Stage)
- Alteration control documents

02 Installation of Turnkey Projects

03 Verification & After-sales service

System & Unit Qualification Service
TONX provide customers with a full range of service experience. (URS,DQ,FAT,SAT,IQ,OQ,PQ and etc.)
Technical guidance
We can provide customers with technical sersvice in relation to such technical problems as equipment use,maintenance and serviceing,as well as production processes of the whole line
Training of operation and maintenance
We train operators and maintenance personnel for customers until they ave caned to operste and maintain.The training nciludes ripmary ratining,intermediate training,advanced training and periodic training.
Repair and maintencance
We will take the intiiative to provide guidance for customers and assist them in dong equipment maintenance and servicing work.
Supply for the maintenance and repair parts
We have established spare parts warehouses in various areas at home and abroad to supply spare parts to customers timely and promptly.
Whenever users meet any problems during the production,TONGXIE will send xeperts to help solving them no matter whether they are caused by our company of not.


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