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Percolation Tank
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Main uses

The equipment is suitable for percolation technology in pharmceutical,food and chemical industries.

Structures and features

The equipment mainly consists of tank body,shower pipe,pneumatic dregs-out door and other components.The solvent is sprayed on the medicine uniformly by the shower pipe on the upper of tank body.Active principle of medicinal materials integrate into solvent by soaking.
Percolation method is an extraction method that continuously adds leaching solvent into medicine coarse powder and makes it percolate the powder,the leaching solution flows out from the exist at the bottom of the percolation tank.When percolating,the solvent seeps into the medicine cells and dissolves a large number of soluble substances,the concentration and density increasing and then moves down,the upper extraction solvent or diluted extraction solution displace,resulting in a good concentration difference,and the spread is better carried on,therefore,the leaching effect is better than impregnation method,and the extraction are more complete.

Main technical parameter

Specification model SLG500 SLG1000 SLG2000 SLG3000
Full volume(L) 600 1200 2300 3200
Design pressure in tank(Mpa) Atmospheric pressure
Diameter of feeding mouth(mm) 300 400 400 400
The air hole diameter(mm) 400 600 800 800


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