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Discharging Slag Car
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Equipment description

The domestic initiative waste residue of Chinese herbs, extrusion, discharging synchronously, extrusion physic liquor can be filtered for reuse. Slag car unloading mouth small, leading to the bottom of the feeding channel is only 1m*1m, opening the floor small and self Move too pen closed, top revent drug residue smell and steam rising, the safety of people worry about. The use of the realization of full automatic control touch screen a nd PLC special slide wire frame and a flat able, frame Life is 5 times more t han other forms of. Slag have been squeezed, the slag transport vehicle is no longer dripping phenomenon verywhere, inside and outside health protection factory.


ModelParameters 3.0 5.0
Slag extrusion and slag transport(m3/次) 3 5
Walking speed(m/min) 20 20
Power(kw) 12.5 20.7
Velocity of unloading slag(m3/min) 1.3 1.6
Form of unloading and slag extrusion Automatic synchronization work Automatic synchronization work
外形尺寸(长x宽x高)mm 3650x2300x2080 5300x2500x2260

When extracting tank with as lag discharge requirements, remote control or touch screen control to start the slag car, run into the extracting tank below the need to slag, slag discharge door will open the extraction tank, the waste residue of Chinese herbs is loaded in the slag slag hopper car, remote control or touch screen control to start the slag car runs to the large inclination conveyor loader at the opening, slag slag car make dregs and liquid at the same time separation, liquid medicine into the liquid storage tank ( filtration can be reused) or into the water treatment center, dregs and into the large inclination conveyor bucket,to Zhacang storage, and then loaded on the transport vehicles, transport to the factory.

1 、embedded steel capacity maximum value according to the type of equipment selection.
2 、the machine and the ground verticality tolerance is not more than 3 mm.
3 、pre embedded steel plate interval size according to the selection of equipment


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