Zzzzzzzz… *snort* Whuh?! Whazzat? Oh, right. My blog.

It’s been kind of a whirlwind. Right when my spring got planned within an inch of its life, I got sick. Nothing serious, just a head cold whose primary symptoms were grumpiness and lethargy. But as a result, I did nothing for a couple of weeks except replay Mass Effect, this time with a Femshep and with more Renegade options. I could devote a plethora of posts to Mass Effect, but I’m not up for that now. It’s really crazy how I always get sick at the end of February. I guess it’s my equivalent of hibernation, some cyclical thing my body insists I do.

Hardcover Theater’s production of Pollyanna opens tomorrow. I’m still a little amazed I’m in this. Admittedly, it’s not an entertainment I would seek out on my own, but acting in it has been great fun. The challenge of taking one of literature’s most notoriously sappy and syrupy efforts, and presenting it as honestly and sincerely as possible, is one of those things that excites the actor in me. Hard to explain. It’s actually sort of radical, in a perverse way. Hardcover’s marketing is billing this as “a defiantly unironic production,” and in today’s artistic climate, that’s almost avant-garde. Suck it, hipsters!

(Bonus: if you scroll down a bit in that Hardcover link, you get to see me in old lady drag. You know you want to.)

And while preparing for Pollyanna, I’ve been writing material for The Vilification Games, the Vilification Tennis amateur show. So I’ve been working on two of the most polar opposite shows conceivable simultaneously. Somehow, my brain has handled the dichotomy without undue stress. Beer helps. I had been ambivalent about trying out for Vil for years, but now that I’ve committed, I really want to nail this. Maybe I’m more goal-oriented than I previously thought.

In things non-theatrical (yes, I do have an outside life, constrained though it may be), I will be working at Target as a temp, for about three months. Starting Monday. This brings my long, messy divorce with my current employer to a final, anti-climactic end. Looking forward to starting anew, and to a shorter commute, but also a little sad. The people at Globe University were good to me. The company a bit less so, but I’m not relishing walking away from the people. I hope the Target people are half as nice.

Otherwise… I don’t know. Just tired. Tired tired tired. And spending a heck of a lot of time at the Bryant Lake Bowl. I wonder if the Bryant Lake Bowl will let me set up a cot in their basement?

Apr├ęs le Fringe

Holy wow, the Minnesota Fringe Festival was a good time. So why so long to write about it? The biggest reason is simple exhaustion. Man, I was tired. Staying up until bar close every night, even with no job the next day, really takes it out of you. There were some movies to catch up on. There was Valley Meadows’ CD release party (one heck of a night of musical comedy). But mostly, there was Skyrim. After denying myself video games for weeks, I finally dove head first into Skyrim. Ah, Bethesda Software. Not the most compelling games I’ve ever experienced, but their unique, mysterious combination of graphic prettiness and game play make time vanish like little else. “Well, I’ve got an hour. I’ll just collect the bounty on this one bandit chieftan, and then go see this show.” Boom! Suddenly, it’s past midnight. That happened the odd dozen times or so.

Those were the time sucks, but there were also some slipperier factors as well. The feedback I got from Someone Is Wrong On The Internet was quite frankly stunning. Well in excess of the feedback I got from Death Perception the previous year. I made a creative decision to mitigate my geek tendencies and tell a story solidly set in the real world, mostly just to prove to myself I could do that, and I succeeded way beyond what I expected. I couldn’t really process it, and it led to a certain inertia. Hugely positive feedback can be overwhelming. Any thanks I could express verbally or through writing just seemed inadequate. People have been very kind, and I am very grateful.

So what’s next? Shit, I don’t know. I definitely want to remount Internet at some point, but new work? That could be anything. Where could I put it up? Should I do something realistic again? What if I wanted to go back and do something weirder and sillier again? Will the people who liked Internet reject a wackier, less structured piece? These are unanswerable questions. Well, unanswerable until I actually do something and get people’s reactions to it. But while I’m sitting here on my butt, blogging into the ether? Unaswerable.

Also, I need to figure out what to do with this here blog thing. I coughed up the dough for the URL, I should probably do something with it. I don’t want it to be a big dumb plug machine. That’s what Facebook is for. I don’t really want to review stuff. I don’t want to rant about the state of the world. But now that the Fringe Festival is over, I can slap something up here without feeling guilty. We’ll see.

Anyway, I need not to do anything for a bit. My day job has started back up, and that will soon swamp my mind for the rest of autumn. Something will take shape. At least it will once I get a few more missions completed in Skyrim. You hear that, you undead Nord kings? You’re goin’ down.