Stage Match

For years, Six Ring Circus was the Brave New Workshop’s student showcase. Kind of like an ongoing grad school for improv. Well, it’s gone now. In it’s place is Stage Match, and I’m in it.

Six Ring was the crucible in which most of Minneapolis improv was forged. There were other outlets, Stevie Ray’s, ComedySportz, and much later HUGE Theater. But (and I could be wrong) I think Six Ring predates them. All of those organizations owes a ton to the Brave New Institute. For ages, Six Ring was the only venue where a new improviser could get in front of an audience, do their thing, get a fire lit under their butt, and improve. I’m going to pull a statistic out of my ass right now, but I’d imagine 95% of all Minneapolis improv you’ve ever seen and enjoyed owes something to Six Ring. It was really the primordial atom of Minneapolis improv’s Big Bang.

It’s sad to see Six Ring go, but I think Stage Match has the potential to be an exciting replacement. For one thing, it’s on Friday nights, prime time for live entertainment, as opposed to the hinterlands of Tuesdays. For another, instead of set teams, it’ll be more of an ad hoc set up, with improvisers regularly working with new people. It’s a new era, people. And we need you to support it.

Opening night is tomorrow, June 29th. I’m scheduled to be up June 29th, July 13th, July 20th, and August 24th. Tickets are a measly five bucks. Please stop by and keep this improv thing going.

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